Part of Harbor Town's success has been the active involvement of residents and an active and involved board of trustees.


Below is a list of committees and their respective leaders


Town Code Advisory Committee

Elise Fleming - Chair

Don Ray

Gordon Stewart

Finance Committee

Mike D'Amico - Chair


Election Committee

Crystal Hand - Co-Chair

Laura Stanley - Co-Chair


Landscaping Committee

Jodi Rump - Chair

Susie Graves - Co-Chair


Block Captain Committee

Jerry Schwartz - Chair


 Town Counsel

Harley Steffens, Evans Petree, PC

Town Architect

Tony Bologna - Primary

David Schuermann - Associate 



We are always looking for additional volunteers to help with any of these committees. Please contact the people above if you're interested in serving on any of these committees.


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Real Estate

Looking to move in - up - or over?  There are many online options to find your next home!  Our area code is 38103 and Harbor Town runs from the north side of AW Willis to Island Park Circle.  

Click here for Harbor Town Real Estate